Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Cornish Electric Bikes

Cornish Electric Bike Tours use Gepida electric assisted bicycles. These electric bicycles are very smooth and easy to use, almost like riding a regular bicycle - but with super powers.


If you enjoy riding comfortable, classy bicycles you'll feel right at home with Cornish Electric Bike Tours.

One of the coolest things about the Gepida electric bike is the adjustable handlebars which allow you to pick a riding position comfortable to you. Combine that with the plush suspension seat and you've got one smooth ride.


Yes, but the electric assistance starts when you pedal, leaving little work for you to do.

The bicycle reads your pedaling power and combines it with a boost from the motor.  It really feels as if you have gained extra strength, a second wind, and the confidence to go farther than you would normally.


Our bicycles are suitable for use by men or women


The distance varies from 18 miles (30km) to 55 miles (90km) depending on how many hill climbs there are and conditions such as wind resistance.

The battery also runs out quicker depending on what mode you have it in, ie. eco, normal or sport.


No, the bikes are very quiet making them ideal for exploring Cornish lanes without disturbing any wildlife


The battery is removable  and a special charger is supplied for use in any power socket.

The battery needs approximately four hours for a full charge, enough for around 50 km to 70 km of mixed use and more than 90 km in ECO mode.

Factors effecting the range of a full battery include the weight of the rider, cycling style, the frequency of stops and starts, tyre pressure, the mode selected and the weather.


Originally designed as alternative transportation for European commuters. With that in mind the Gepida Reptila was designed to be super reliable, well built, and very dependable.

These amazing electric bicycles use a pedal assist system which runs in the background delivering smooth assistance without making you feel like you're riding a moped. The bicycle reads your pedaling power and combines it with a boost from the motor, making the Gepida Reptila a truly hybrid electric bicycle.  It really feels as if you have gained extra strength, a second wind, and the confidence to go farther than you would normally.


We use the best, quality electric bikes - Gepida.  They have 8 gears and 5 electric settings

  • Off - just like a normal bike
  • Eco - 30% more power than you put in
  • Tour
  • Sport
  • Turbo - Takes you up the steepest hills in Cornwall without having to get off and push!

We're always happy to hear from you and discuss your requirements.  You can call us on 07980 327939 or send an email to with your information and the dates you'd like.  Alternatively you can contact us by by using the contact form where you can also put in information on a tour or hire.  We'll confirm the hire and will then provide you with payment details or you can make a card payment over the phone.

With the hire of a bike you'll receive our detailed tour pack containing maps and route information as well as information on places of interest, cafes and places to stay.  The tour information contains easy to follow, step by step instructions to guide you on your way with clear notes on turns and waypoints so that you can simply enjoy your ride and the spectacular views.  We also offer a service where we can come and collect you from wherever you have got to if you decide to stop at any point.  I've really enjoyed finding the quietest, most scenic routes for you to enjoy your holiday experience, and have visited some places that you might never know existed.

We are very keen and enthusiastic for you to enjoy the bike and the routes as much as we have, so please do give us a call if you have any queries at all!


We have a daily and weekly rate


There are currently two types of electric bike available, pedelec and e-bikes.

We use pedelec electric bicycles, an acronym of pedal electric cycle. As the name suggests, a motor responds to the pedalling motion but stops when the rider stops pedalling. In other words, pedalling is assisted by a motor. The amount of additional power the motor provides is dependent on the pedalling force of the driver as measured by a sensor. This system is similar to power steering in cars.

Unlike the pedelec, an e-bike is an electric bike that can move forward without the rider pedalling. Speed adjusted using either a button or a throttle grip. The force exercised by the driver and the power delivered by the electric motor have no influence on each other’s performance. This allows the throttle and pedals to be used simultaneously, something that is not possible with a pedelec. A similar system is also used in mopeds.


In the EU, laws governing pedelecs (the type of Electric Bicycle we use) are the same as those for regular bicycles as the power delivered by the motor is less than 250 Watts and there is pedal assistance only until a speed of 25 km/hour has been reached. As a result, no driving license, registration or insurance are required.

There is also no obligation to wear a helmet, although this is highly recommended.


If you've hired from us for more than one day then you'll need to charge the battery.

We recommend that you use some degree of care with the battery. We recommend allowing it to cool off after cycling and before charging.

Although the latest battery chargers indicate when the battery is fully charged, it is advisable to charge the battery for a little longer as the final phase always takes slightly longer. As a rule of thumb, when the charger first shows a full battery, it is actually only 90% charged.

Gepida pedelecs are resistant to rain and wind and can therefore be washed with water. However, some caution is advised when cleaning the battery and electrical system as water penetration can affect battery performance. We're happy to help with more detailed information if required.


It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately insured.

We recommend that you take out adequate insurance including loss of belongings, cancellation cover, medical cover and personal accident.

Cornwall Electric Bike Tours has public liability insurance, but you remain liable for any damage or theft of the Bike and accessories. A passport or photo driving licence is required as proof of ID. Credit/debit card details are required please.

In the event of the bike or any accessories being stolen or lost Cornwall Electric Bike Tours reserves the right to be reimbursed by the client for the replacement price.

To prevent theft all of our bikes come with a gold standard secure lock which must be used whenever you leave the bike unattended. The bike should be locked against an object that is a permanent fixture that does not allow the bike to be lifted off or over the fixture.

Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times and by law any one riding an electric bike must be over 14.


Hirer must supply the following

  • Form of ID such as passport, driving licence or membership card
  • Credit or debit card details are required as a separate damage and security deposit
  • Hirer must be 18 or over
  • All losses and breakages must be paid for

Full details in our Conditions of Hire



Also available to hire

  • childrens seats
  • pet trailers
  • luggage trailers
  • tag alongs

The bike hire includes

  • top quality lock
  • helmet
  • a super comfortable saddle
  • waterproof yellow saddle bag covers which also acts as a safety jacket
  • water bottle holder
  • map holder on handlebar
  • pump and repair kit
  • bell
  • cycle aware mirror