About our unique free Tours

I have taken months exploring the best and most scenic roads and trails around Cornwall for you.  As much as possible I have kept to the minor, smaller roads close to the sea and also cycle paths.  Occasionally small lengths of main roads have had to be used but I've kept them to a minimum.

I have averaged between 30 and 40 miles (50-70km) a day.  This type of distance is really very easy to cover on an electric bike.  If you want to double your mileage or ride on "Turbo" setting all day, then why not hire an extra battery - just £50 a week.

We can even arrange to pick up you any your bike from any place in Cornwall for just £50 per person.

Detail - Cornwall Electric Bike Tour

When you take one of our unique free tours (included in your bike hire) we provide you with a special package with maps, guides to local attractions and our Unique Tour instructions so you can't go wrong.